Illustration, Puppetry And Other Art


I want to say a huge thank you to Oracle Girl and the amazing and vital purifications that she facilitates. She gave a generous donation towards the printing of The Firrest.

Lisa Oliver and her peaceful creative mentoring of many of my early illustrations.

Kate Stillitz, a fabulously talented and hard working musician whose wild enthusiasm and imagination kept my creative processes on track.

Juliana Brustik whose brilliant Feldenkrais classes kept and continue to keep me flexible, freed and deeply aware of my body so I could sit comfortably working on the book.

Heather Summers, a multitalented musician, who has also written a children’s chapter book. She kindly edited early proofs of my story. I have also worked with her on several puppetry/animation performances. and

Emma Byron and Trevor Houghton whose puppetry and story telling skills invigorated an inspired me for several years as we worked on and performed a paper theatre show together and who continue to inspire me with later puppet shows of theirs.

Hilary Ramsden the bonkers and delightful clown, performer, and walking researcher, who over many years has inspired me with her humour and playfulness. Together we made an overhead projector animation show called ‘Hack and Bashit Go Caving’. Heather Summers and Nicki Winton performed the music and sound effects.