Illustration, Puppetry And Other Art

Illustration, Puppetry & Other Art

I am passionate about stories and art that is about both important and comical things in our lives. I use puppetry, illustration and 3d art to express my ideas. I design, make, perform and direct my own puppetry as well as collaborate with other people; creating tabletop performances, paper theatre and overhead projector animation puppetry

I draw and paint, and use paper, wood, card, fabric, colour pencils, wire, paper-mache as well as found and then altered objects along with recycled scrap.

Recently I finished a picture book I have been working on for a very long time…it’s called The Firrest. It has a rhyming story and is illustrated using a variety of media. It is for ages 7 onward including grown-ups.  You can order it on this website under the title The Firrest.

Sarah Green

I also have experience of organising street art with the public and of running a variety of art/puppetry/mask making workshops at schools, children’s hospitals, after school projects, summer schemes and festivals.

The workshops are always person centred and encourgage imagination, playfulness and bringing out the deepest parts of ourselves with excitement and joyfulness  (this is the general idea).